Tangle Teezer Aqua Splash review

If there’s one thing curly haired people should avoid at all costs, it’s using a hairbrush on dry hair. (Unless you want to look like you just got stuck in a candy floss machine, that is.)

Years ago, I went on a search for the perfect hairbrush. I had just combed out my dreadlocks and was dealing with hair loss so I had to be very careful. I couldn’t really afford to lose any more hair, causing extra damage and breakage by using the wrong hairbrush was something I absolutely wanted to avoid. I came across the Tangle Teezer, which is by far the best hairbrush I’ve ever had. I had to keep my hair in a braid at all times so the candy floss on my head didn’t really matter. The Tangle Teezer got the job done.

Things are going better now, I’m losing less hair which means that I can afford to wear it down or in different styles from time to time. This also means that on those days, the candy floss is a big no-no and detangling can only happen when my hair is wet… except… wet hair is more prone to breakage so brushing it is something that should be avoided… or should it? When I found out that Tangle Teezer has a brush you can use on wet hair I just had to give it a go.

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YogaToes Review

Considering we use them daily, we sure don’t spend a lot of time thinking about our feet – and more importantly, about what we are doing to them. A lot of people take their feet for granted, but it’s pretty easy to completely ruin them. Most people in the western world actually contribute to the destruction of their feet on a daily basis, often without realising it.

Whenever I walk outside without wearing my shoes, the grownups have something to say about it. What if you walk in a poo? (Oh no! If only there was this thing called water. Oh, and soap! Can someone please invent soap?) Are you going to clean the house? (How about I just clean my feet instead?) It’s just gross! (Yeah.)

The thing is, I don’t like wearing shoes. Sure some of them look pretty cool, and looking pretty cool is… er… cool… so it’s not that. I just really don’t like what they do to my feet. To be more specific: I don’t like what they do to those ten weird squiggly things attached to my feet. When you look at a newborn’s feet, you’ll notice that the toes are the widest part. They are spread apart, extended. Now look at your own feet. Ah. Years of wearing high heels and pointy shoes will have an effect on what your feet look like. Unfortunately, even our most comfy shoes often squish our toes together ever so slightly. It may not seem like a big deal since we don’t really notice it, but 10 or 20 years of pushing your toes together will eventually affect the shape of your toes and feet.

Toes pointing in the wrong direction may not seem like the end of the world, but there’s more to it. More women than men develop bunions, suggesting that it is linked to footwear. (It may not cause it – bunions tend to run in families – but it will speed up the progress and make it worse.) It’s not surprising if you really think about it. When wearing high heels, we distribute our weight in a different (unnatural) way, putting more pressure on certain bones. The body simply tries to compensate. Those pointy shoes aren’t helping either.

Don’t worry, I’m not starting an anti-shoe campaign. Grownups will shout at me if I do, and even more grownups will shout at you if you choose to participate and pitch up at work or at school barefoot. Quite a few foot problems are caused and/or made worse by (ill fitting) footwear, but in a lot of cases other elements (genetics, obesity, arthritis, trauma,…) are involved.

So, what can we do to help our feet?

Wearing more appropriate footwear – wider shoes and no more high heels – will definitely work. Your feet will thank you, your sense of fashion probably not so much. Luckily there are a few other things you can try before throwing out the shoes. Toe stretchers can help soothe your feet after a long day of wearing those uncomfortable but oh-so-stunning shoes. Not only are they great at preventing deformities, they also feel pretty good. YogaToes are my personal favourite.

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Why you should start getting ready for tank top season right now

Six months from now, the internet and magazines will be full of articles giving you advice on how to get that perfect bikini body. (Let’s face it, those are the exact words they will use.) Women will furiously start exercising and following the recommended fad diets (Spoiler: They don’t work, weight loss is all about thermodynamics!) only to realise two months later that they still kind of look the same. Conclusion: None of this is worki- oooh is that chocolate?

Although some of these articles give pretty decent advice, there is a bit of a problem.

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How the Apple Watch made my life a wee bit easier

Have you ever seen something you really want, even though you’re not quite sure why you want it? That’s what happened with me and my Apple Watch. I guess big part of not knowing why I wanted it was because it’s all so new. When people asked me what I was going to do with it or why I wanted it, I couldn’t really give them a decent answer.

I’m really not a watch person, which made it even harder for some people to get why I wanted one. I only ever got two watches: a digital one back when I was about 10 years old, and an analog Miffy watch I got when I was about 16 years old and can stare at for ages without knowing what time it is until this very day. I wish I could say this is because I am mesmerised by its beauty every time I look at it, but the truth is… I simply can’t read it fast enough for it to be efficient. Never quite got the hang of it. I guess the biggest proof of me not being a watch person is the fact that I still find myself asking people multiple times a day what time it is – even though I’m wearing my Apple Watch at all times – only to realise afterwards that I could have just raised my wrist. Oops.

My Apple Watch is a piece of technology that makes my life easier. It’s as much a timepiece as my phone is. They both tell the time, but that’s not their main function, not to me at least. I’m not going to do a review going over everything the watch can do, there are lots of those out there already, instead I’d rather tell you how I’ve been using it.

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Popband Review

A few weeks ago, the unavoidable happened: The last one of my hair ties magically disappeared. One day, thousands of years in the future, an archeologist will dig up billions of hair ties and some teenager will say something along the lines of “I can’t believe they had to manually tie their hair back!” followed by millions of teenagers wearing hair ties like they did “back in the olden days” when the photographs were still flat and digital, declaring it to be cool because it’s old school.

Unfortunately, an archeologist digging up a slew of hair ties thousands of years in the future won’t help me a great deal today, so on the internet I went. I’m quite careful when it comes to my hair, everything needs to be researched, tested, and has to meet a few requirements. In this case I don’t want any metal bits (because they damage your hair), and the hair ties need to be able to stay in when I’m asleep or working out. My hair is always in some kind of protective style, so a good quality hair tie is very important to me.

After a bit of research, I came across Popband London.

Kind on the hair, cute on the wrist, Popbands are deliciously soft, stretchy ‘no crease’ hair bands that hold hair up tight and still leave it fresh and kink-free when you take it down!

Sounds good, right? I decided to give it a go.

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September Popsicles

September Popsicles

Autumn has arrived which means that soon everything will be getting a lot colder and wetter. This shouldn’t be an excuse to stop eating popsicles though. (Should anything be an excuse really?)

I’ve always loved popsicles, they are the perfect healthy treat and a fun way of helping you get your five a day. The great thing about popsicles is that the possibilities are endless, so it’s hard to get tired of them. They are as healthy and nutritious as you want them to be, making them the perfect treat to satisfy your sweet tooth without having to feel guilty afterwards.

Want your toddlers to eat more vegetables? Give them a vegetable popsicle, the suckers will never see it coming.

Here’s one of my personal favourites. September with a splash of August.

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As some of you may know, I’ve been blogging for ages. I started out about ten years ago. My blog being part of my portfolio website always made sense since I was mainly posting about my work… until now.

If you’ve read my previous post, you know that my hair has been falling out for quite a while now. I spent way too much time reading up on female hair loss, possible causes, what to do about it,… My hair loss is part of something much more complicated, so although this information was interesting, it was of no use to me. I told my friend that I was a bit disappointed that I had all this information in my head, but no way of doing anything with it. His answer was “So write about it!”. Some of my clients may very well struggle with hair loss (And I’m sorry if you do. I feel your pain!), but it didn’t really belong on my portfolio website… so here we are!

I am not the same person I was a few years ago, so I don’t really like to write about the same things I did back then. Although I still really love photography and retouching, it’s no longer the only thing on my mind. If you want to discover what else is on my mind, you’ll just have to keep coming back.

The plan for now is to have a blog post up every two weeks. I may post more often than that if I have the time and feel like it, but with everything going on I feel like it’s important to set a realistic goal.

To stay up to date, go follow the blog on Twitter, Facebook, or BlogLovin’. Those will be updated as soon as a new post goes live.

See you soon!

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Girl on a mission: What to do when you’re losing your hair?

People keep telling me the reason my hair has lost half its volume is because I’m stressing too much. “If you stop worrying and thinking about it, it will grow back! It’s that simple!” How about no? We appreciate you trying to help and all, but many of us have spent a really long time researching hair loss and its possible causes. It’s not stress, thank you very much. And we’re way past “stop worrying” because we did that for a very long time and if we keep doing it, it’ll only get worse. *sigh*

Some women are lucky and find the cause of their hair loss pretty much straight away. A simple blood test can reveal things like a thyroid problem, iron deficiency, anaemia,… Others have a skin problem. But what happens when your blood test comes back fine and your skin is healthy? Er… In my case my doctor basically told me there was nothing he could do even though – among other things – my lips are blue, I have a hard time staying awake for more than 8 hours, I have bruises the second someone touches me, and my hair has filed for a divorce. You can scream all you want, many doctors just don’t really seem to care about your hair as long as you blood tests are okay and you’re not in pain.

On to someone who should care then: After vaguely going over my last blood test and without giving my head as much as a glance, my dermatologist told me to just accept it and prescribed Minoxidil. She said that sometimes there is no answer. Minoxidil is… er… it’s not known how exactly it works or why. To explain it in a very simplistic way: it prolongs the anagen (growing) stage so that the hair stays on your head for longer, giving you a fuller head of hair. Sounds great, right? Not quite. You see, the moment you stop using it your hair will go back to normal. You have to use it for the rest of your life, which in my case is hopefully at least another 60 years. It hides the problem rather than fixing it, which is something I really don’t agree with. She can tell me there is no answer as many times as she likes, something is causing this. We just have to find it.

I have seen more doctors recently than I have in my entire life. I now have to take something – which I had to promise not to google – and report back to yet another doctor in six weeks. (After which I will definitely google it.) He thinks my hair will start to come back as soon as my other problems are all gone. I also have to go see a cardiologist soon because although I’m digging not having to buy blue lip gloss, it’s probably not very healthy.

My hair loss is part of a much bigger problem and it won’t stop until I’m healthy again, but that didn’t stop me from wanting to make sure there wasn’t something I could do, or something I had overlooked. Here are some things I learnt on my journey.

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New Year’s Resolutions

From the moment I could write, one of the most dreaded weeks of the year was the week before the Christmas Holidays. We’d be forced to sit in the classroom for hours on end to write and copy our New Year’s letters, which we would then awkwardly have to read in front of our family members on New Year’s Day. There was nothing personal about these letters. Everyone had to write and read the exact same one, in which we promised we’d be good. Of course, not a single kid in that classroom was actually planning on not climbing out of bed in the middle of the night to steal some sweets (or quite a lot, in my case) from the kitchen cupboard. What were they thinking making us promise those things?

This then, were my first New Year’s resolutions. Maybe the empty promises we were forced to make as a kid are the reason so many grownups still do the exact same thing. Every year in December, you hear people go on about what they are planning on doing in the new year, often accompanied by “But I still have another two weeks to enjoy *insert unhealthy/bad habit here*”. By the end of January, most of these people will have gone back to their old habits.

Back in October, I decided to start training again. I used to be extremely flexible and quite strong as a teenager, but life happened and I lost everything I had worked for. I was in fact quite a dedicated ballerina when I was younger, so thanks to a thing called “muscle memory”, getting back in shape wasn’t as hard as I expected it to be. I was quite proud of my progress, only to have a middle aged bloke flex his muscles right in front of me, asking “Where are these muscles you speak of?”. Thanks mate. One day, when his body has finally stopped falling apart for a few minutes (*cough* old man *cough*), we’ll have a plank-off and I’m going to win that shit. He can kiss my victory-bruises afterwards.

You see, I could have waited until January to get started, but what’s the point? I’m already so much stronger and nearly back to being as flexible as I used to be. (Full splits here I come again!) If you really want something, you usually can’t wait to get started. I’m about to start my fifth month of working out at least two hours a day as I write this. I’m well aware that there are exceptions. Some people may find it easier to get started in January, but usually when I hear someone make a New Year’s resolution in December, I can’t help but think “Yeah right!” whilst wishing them all the best and hoping they succeed.

This year, I have promised myself that from now on, I will get straight to it if there’s something I want to change, do, or try. A New Year’s resolution that prevents me from ever having to make another New Year’s resolution again. Oh come on, it’s clever. Just admit it!

“For every door that closes, there’s a key for a bulldozer… so you can break down the freakin’ wall.” –